UNRWA はイスラエルが国家および国民を守る権利があることを十分に認めています。ここ数日に渡るイスラエル軍の軍事行動は国際法の下におけるイスラエルの義務に違反しており、このような軍事行動は、イスラエルの治安を確保することに対しても、また紛争解決を模索するための真摯な試みを促進することに対しても何の助けにもなりません。

UNRWA Press Release 20 May 2004
UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Headquarters Gaza

website: www.unrwa.org
Press Release No. HQ/G/12/2004
20 May, 2004

House Demolitions in Rafah Resume

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the NearEast (UNRWA) is extremely concerned at concurring independent eyewitness reports just received that the Israeli military have startedto demolish houses in Rafah with their inhabitants still inside andprevented from exiting the buildings.

UNRWA calls on the Israeli military to halt its demolition of housesimmediately and discontinue the humanitarian tragedy it is wreakingon the largely civilian population of Rafah.

UNRWA fully recognises the right of the State of Israel to defenditself and its people. The military actions of the last few daysare in violation of Israel's obligations under international law andwill do nothing to safeguard Israel's security or facilitate theresumption of serious attempts to find a solution to the conflict.